SHAAR is the Israeli representative of one of the world’s leading engineering project management information systems. The system is designed for document and knowledge management, and for management of all existing documentation in large, multi-team projects.

The cloud-based platform allows teams operating in a decentralized environment to connect and cooperate in complex construction and infrastructure projects

The system is implemented throughout all stages of the project – from initial characterization through planning, tenders and execution, to handover and operation; It is especially useful for planning coordination processes, RFI and changes, reports and interfaces, formal submissions, QA testing and site surveys, contractual and commercial correspondence, claim management and more.


The system includes a built-in workflow mechanism that enables the implementation of rounds of approval, comments and signatures.


In addition to the above, the system supports a wide range of additional management layers such as contract management, project planning and control, quality management and more.

At the request of clients, SHAAR will provide services for implementation, integration, setup and operation of DCC (Document Control Center) layouts.



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