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שער מציעה ללקוחותיה מהלכי הדרכה, הטמעה והעמקת ידע בתחומי התמחותה.

SHAAR provides professional services for planning and setting up schedules for projects large and small, complex and simple, as well as for mega projects and programs.

SHAAR’s experts have set up schedules for many large projects in various and sundry fields and manage them throughout the project lifetime. In the field of infrastructure and construction, SHAAR's team manages the schedules in mega-projects such as the Red Line of the Tel Aviv Light Railway, the IDF’s Ofek Rakhav (Wide Horizons) project for moving IDF camps to the city of Ramla, and the expansion of the railroad tracks and train station at Ben Gurion International Airport. In other content areas, SHAAR’s experts manage schedules of major IT projects for government ministries and large public entities.

SHAAR’s team includes planners who possess the ability to set up strategic schedules and employ a system wide perspective, and schedulers with experience in setting up, controlling and maintaining schedules throughout the project’s lifetime.
SHAAR’s experts follow proven methodologies that define the schedule architecture according to the required layers of information, using planning and reporting tools that integrate the geographic dimension, integration tools, and the like.

In order to set up and manage schedules, SHAAR's team uses various computerized tools according to the nature and needs of the project, including WBS Schedule Pro, MS Project, MS Project Server, Primavera, Tilos and more.

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