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SHAAR offers project management services on two main levels – the single-project level and the enterprise level:

​At the single-project level, SHAAR builds the infrastructure required for managing a new project and for leading the project planning and control activities throughout the project’s lifespan – schedule management, budget planning and budget control, and more; we do all this based on our many years of professional experience and by incorporating PMBOK methodology, including:

  • Project scope definition, building of PBS (Product/System Breakdown Structure] and WBS [Work Breakdown Structure);

  • Schedule planning and construction of detailed work plans

  • Calculating costs and building the project’s budget database

  • Risk mapping, mitigation planning, ongoing risk management and control

  • Preparation of project management plans (PMP, RMP, SEMP etc.)

  • Placement of a PO (Project Officer) as the project manager’s “right hand” for ongoing management and control of the project’s schedule, budget and risks


At the enterprise level, SHAAR adapts world-accepted project management methodologies to the organizational environment and its specific needs, and implements project planning and control methods and tools on the enterprise level (EPM – Enterprise Project Management). These encompass a variety of consulting, process-design, implementation and training services; including a set-up of PMOs, implementation of enterprise project management tools (such as MS Project Server and Primavera), and more.​

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