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Bid Management and Proposals Preparation

SHAAR possesses extensive experience in bid management and preparation of bid proposals for domestic and international tenders from countries around the world (Israel, USA, Germany, France, the Netherlands, India, Singapore, Australia and others).

SHAAR assists its customers in the bid preparation process, from concept definition to submittal (Camera ready).

SHAAR’s services are composed of two separate “vectors”:


  1. Leading the bid preparation project as a project for all intents and purposes, with a schedule, budget and resource constraints and with high quality objectives

  2. Preparing the management infrastructures for the proposed project, as an inherent part of the proposal preparation, and their inclusion in the management proposal

לשער ניסיון מצטבר רב שנים בהכנת מענים למכרזים מקומיים ובינלאומיים ממדינות בכל רחבי העולם

SHAAR implements well established techniques to manage and lead the bid management process, and ensure timely submittal and a qualitative product. These are just a few:

  • Preparation of a proposal outline and detailed storyboard, including a page budget for each chapter/section;

  • Detailed schedule planning for the tender process, including task assignment and ongoing monitoring & control;

  • Setting up the project planning infrastructures – System Tree/Product Tree, WBS chart, Gantt chart, risk identification etc.;

  • Preparation of the management bid and other bid chapters/volumes, and integrating them into a unified, coherent document;

  • Assistance in collecting pricing information and pricing processes;

  • Leading status meetings and stand-up meetings;

  • Leading and supporting Red Team and other types of peer reviews.


SHAAR knows how to integrate content from tangential areas of expertise such as systems engineering, RAMS, LCC, ILS and more.

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