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Shaar in Covid-19 days

עודכן: 27 בינו׳ 2022

While the entire world faces the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, SHAAR is ready to uninterruptedly continue supplying its services, despite the existing high level of uncertainty and potentially limited availability of employees.

We manage our risks as far as the operational framework of the company is concerned, and function on the basis of the following guidelines:

  1. We conduct remote video meetings using Zoom or Teams, thus eliminating any concern for health-related exposure. In these meetings we carry out almost any type of assignment, including risk surveys, risk monitoring and control, project planning and scheduling, on-going schedule monitoring and control, training activities and the like. Setting up the remote-conferencing platform is our responsibility.

  2. We assign two experts to most of the projects we are responsible for, so that if one of them becomes unavailable, the other can ensure that the relevant information regarding your project is in good hands and is uninterruptedly managed.

  3. We understand the difficulties of some of our clients in continuously carrying out their operations, and invest special efforts to ensure that the parts assigned to us are are executed in an optimal manner.

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