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Tel Aviv Light Rail Begins Test Running

עודכן: 27 בינו׳ 2022

Shaar has been leading cross-project risk management for the Tel Aviv Red Line LRT project for ten years now.

When we joined the project in September 2011, it was still in the design phase, and our part was to help anticipate "what can go wrong", and attempt appropriate remedies.

Over the years, complex procurement and tendering processes were carried out, followed by actual construction. The civil engineering phase was extremely challenging - over 13 kilometres of tunnels, bored by 8 (!) huge tunnel boring machines (TBMs); 10 underground stations located on Tel Aviv metropolitan main arteries; long At-Grade alignment sections in Jaffa, Bat Yam and Petah Tikva; and the construction of the Depot site. Understandibly, this phase comprised endless risks and potential pifalls.

The civil engineering phase was followed by the Systems Phase - installation of a multitude of complex systems along the entire alignment, construction of the rolling stock vehicles and more.

Then came the current and most challenging part of the project - Integration, Testing and Commissioning. Here we are..

Shaar risk managers were always there, identifying and assessing risks, planning and monitoring mitigation assignments, and meticulously documenting the entire process.

This explains why we are so excited with the historic launch of system-wide test running of the Red Line on October 21st.

Watch this short video to better understand the emotional reaction.

It feels a bit like a new baby was born…

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