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Shaar Manages Risk for the Tel Aviv Light Rail Projects

"SHAAR" has been leading risk management processes for the Tel Aviv LRT [Light Rail Train] projects since 2011.

Over the past few years, Uriel Fliess and Sefi Hacohen serve as the Risk Managers for two of the Tel Aviv LRT projects - the "Red Line" and the "Green Line".

Project risk management processes play an important role in the decision making processes in all the projects of NTA, the government-owned company responsible for building the Tel Aviv mass-transit network.

While the "Green Line" is still in the design and preliminary works phase [mainly relocation of utilities and land acquisition], the construction works of the "Red Line" are progressing and expected to complete in October 2021, when the line will open to the public.

According to widely accepted project management methodologies [such as PMI's PMBOK], the Red Line is actually not a Project but rather a Program, comprising of dozens of projects connected to each other, so that achieving the objectives of the entire program is subject to each of the projects attaining its own schedule, budget, scope and quality targets. Similarly, many of the risks that threaten the projects' targets actually endanger the program objectives.

The project's scope of work comprises all large civil engineering projects - TBM and CTM tunnels, ten underground stations, several launch shafts and portals, the Petah Tikva depot and two long at-grade segments - as well as the rail systems, signalling and train control systems, the rolling stock and the station fit-out works.

Shaar leads the risk management effort in a multi-layered structure:

  • The basic level comprises all projects and work sites.

  • The second level are project groups [by geography - East and West underground segments, East and South at-grade segments, the depot etc.; or by discipline - Power, Communication, Track etc.]

  • The third, top-most level is the Red Line Program level, where the systemic and cross-program risks can be found.

Risk management meetings, chaired by Uriel or Sefi, take place on a monthly basis for each and every project and group of projects, and on a weekly basis with for the Red Line Program.

Beyond satisfaction from the exciting and challenging responsibility of managing risks for such a huge and complex endeavor, Shaar team feels privileged by the opportunity to provide a significant contribution to a project so meaningful to the Israel.

As part of the work, the risk management team carries out periodic site visits along the project's alignment.

Here are a few photos from a site tour last week, at the Hertzl shaft and the TBM tunnels through Allenby station.

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