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Uriel, SHAAR CEO, was selected member of PMI team to write the next edition of the Practice Standard

For many years, PMI has been standardizing the project management profession around the world in a variety of ways and channels, including through the publication of methodology books and international standards in a wide range of professional disciplines.

The cornerstone is, of course, the PMBOK, PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge, the world’s leading standard for project management.

PMI’s Standards Library includes Standards, Practice Standards, Methodologies and Guidelines for Risk Management, Schedule Management, Program Management, Portfolio Management and more.

One such standard is the Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures [WBS], the last edition of which was published more than 10 years ago.

PMI has set up a team of 7 experts from around the globe, whose mission is to write an updated and expanded edition of the Standard for WBS; the new standard is expected to be released within two years.

Uriel, SHAAR’s CEO, serves as a member of this team.

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